Why let parents and students know if school is canceled by sending out a text? That's so 2015. Lewiston Public School Superintendent Bill Webster showed his musical talents by singing the answer.

Webster posted a video on his YouTube channel at 5AM Tuesday and shared it on the Lewiston Public Schools Superintendent Facebook page, where parents and students alike were looking for the answer.

In order to know if they were packing their bags or going back to bed, eager students had to watch and listen to his song as he played piano, guitar, ukulele, back to some more piano, then the big finish and reveal while playing the accordion with a final flourish of the tambourine.

Coolest school superintendent of all time? We think so. Oh, and for those who didn't have the patience to sit through the very entertaining one minute video, he posted on the Facebook page 5 minutes later that school was indeed cancelled.

With another storm on the way for tomorrow, will we see another song from Mr. Webster tomorrow. Let's hope so!

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