Lewiston got $30,000 from Disney to help build a playground at Marcotte Park that will be accessible to everyone, no matter their ability.




This is pretty exciting news, as Lewiston was one of only 25 cities in the country to actually get grant money.

This has been in the works for years, but they say it will be open by the fall.  According to the Sun Journal:

The Walt Disney Company, along with the National Recreation & Park Association, have a combined goal of providing one million kids and families with greater access to play.


When they first started working on this 6 years ago, they got funding from 'Shane's Inspiration'. It's a  nonprofit out of California that helps build playgrounds that every kid can use, no matter what their physical ability is.

The Sun Journal continued with some very exciting news:

...city recreation officials worked with architects from Shane’s Inspiration to design the park based on the location. Marcotte Park is the triangle plot east of the Androscoggin Bank Colisee, where Jefferson, Caron and Birch streets meet. The universally accessible playground planned for the site is said to be the first, not only in Maine, but in all of New England.


Lewiston is about to get the only universally accessible playground in all of New England!


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