Some of these positions pay up to $19.50 an hour!


According to the Sun Journal, the distribution center in Lewiston for Walmart is looking for about 100 good associates. They already have about 500 people there now, but are growing thanks to online groceries.


It's hard to get good help, but Lewiston is hoping that for good jobs, the right people will come out. Walmart is right now the third-largest taxpayer in Lewiston, behind Central Maine Power and Brookfield White Pines.

Just how big is this Walmart distribution center? It was built on Alfred Plourde Parkway 15 years ago and oh, it's about the size of 20 football fields.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you need other carrots dangled in front of you for this job, they have benefits that includes up to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, a 10% store discount and a new program they just announced where you can go for your online bachelors degree for $1 a day.

Geesh. I may update my resume and get it over to them!


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