Can you imagine if you got to play life-size versions of some of your favorite classic board games?

What about Battleship? Sorry? Maybe even Guess Who?

There's probably plenty you can think of that would be fun, but on December 28, a life-size game of Candy Land will be taking place in Augusta, Maine.

Lithgow Public Library at 45 Winthrop Street posted on its Facebook page that they'll be setting up a giant board to play the game Wednesday.

Sorry, adults, but it looks like this one is just for the kiddos.

Maybe next time, they'll set up life-sized games for adults to compete in. Just as long as they don't have "Squid Game" consequences, right? Yikes.

So what ages do your kids need to be to play?

According to the library, "much like the Candy Land game itself, it would probably be best enjoyed by children ages 3 to 6 or so, but all ages of kids are welcome to participate!"

The library states that there will be "hot chocolate and goodie bags with holiday candies for all children who reach the end of the board."

Think your kids are up to the challenge to play this color-based game? Ready for them to take the rainbow path if they're lucky?

It all goes down from 2 to 3 p.m. Wednesday. There is no sign-up to participate.

If you want any more info, you can call the library at 207-626-2415 and reach out to Youth Services.

There are some pretty neat Pinterest images of life-size board games that people have creatively put together for themselves. You know, if you ever want to go ahead and make some for you and your family, or you and your friends, or just you.

Whatever works!

Game on, fellow Mainers. Game on.

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