Lisa Taylor, one of 2.2 million Walmart employees, is the only one who received this national honor...and it is well deserved.

Lisa was awarded Walmart’s Ethics Integrity Action Award. Why? Oh...this is awesome.

Lisa noticed some new older customers coming in wanting to wire money, and always with the same theme: a grandchild was in trouble and if they didn't wire the money immediately, their grandchild would be in big trouble. It was a scam.

Lisa would refuse to wire the money, regardless of her customers getting very upset with her. One older gentleman, a retired lawyer, threatened to sue her and Walmart. He eventually thanked her for saving him 2500 dollars.

So..yesterday, Lisa got another honor. For the first time in Walmart's history, SHE introduced the CEO Greg Foran. Usually, someone from the home office does the introduction...

Holy crap!

I shop at this Walmart all the time. I see Lisa darn near ever time. She always has a smile on her face and always says hi. She completely shares her award with all the amazing employees at the Falmouth Walmart.

Lisa has been working for Walmart for over 26 years and this award is well deserved! Thanks for looking out for your customers Lisa.

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