Portland has carved itself a well-deserved reputation as a destination for food lovers. When reading reviews for restaurants and pubs in town, you often hear about all the deliciously savory items you can devour. But lets pump the brakes and take a moment to indulge on the sweeter side of things. Take a look at the dessert menu from Nosh Kitchen Bar...

Nosh Kitchen Bar, a neighborhood favorite known for their great draft beer selection and bacon dusted fries, probably deserves a little more credit for their creative dessert concoctions seen here. Located on a busy section of Congress St. in Portland, Nosh has a dessert menu that can take you through a wave of emotions.

A churro taco you say? The description reads like this:

"Fried cinnamon-sugar flour taco / chocolate chip cookie / Oreo cookie / brownie / vanilla ice cream/ whipped cream / chocolate sauce / peanuts"

Sign us up. But how about this next devilish dessert? A s'mores burger?!

"Nutella spread / brûlé marshmallow / vanilla ice cream / Maldon salt / brioche / dolcé de leche / bacon dust"

And it doesn't stop there. If churro tacos or a s'mores burger isn't your thing, perhaps a donut sundae or a homemade version of Dunkaroos will do the trick.

We're approaching the end of summer, which means it's time to satisfy that sweet tooth.