When this video first popped up on my gram feed, I was ready to spend my paycheck no questions asked. I truly thought L.L. Bean was now making rollerblades that are also boots.

I was so sad and disappointed to find out they're just a one-off, and they're not for sale.


The Instagram video shows "a REAL pair of L.L.Bean Boot Rollerblades that [they] received as a one-of-a-kind gift more than 20 years ago," and I really think they are onto something great.

And they still look good so many years later.

However, does this mean you can rollerblade in the winter with these? Cold. Awesome, but cold.

I truly think some company should figure out how to manufacture these for sale because Maine would go nuts.

Maine is so loyal to this brand, they'd sell out immediately.

Are you an entrepreneur? Maybe this is your sign to get on this before somebody else does and create something really unique for Mainers.

Sidenote, have you ever strapped on rollerblades and had your dog walk in front of you on his leash to give you momentum on a straightaway? Same. Highly recommend you don't try that at home :)

If you're looking for a good straightaway to blade at, try the Greenbelt trail in South Portland, Maine. Great views, and there's a stretch of pavement by the water that makes it easy to get some speed so you don't end up on the rocks like me:

Now, when can I get those Bean Boot blades?

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