Doug Rafferty, who anchored the news on WGME CBS 13 for 16 years has passed away.


According to WGME CBS 13

...his wife, Bev, Tuesday afternoon. She says she and Doug had just arrived in Hawaii to visit their daughter. He passed eight hours later.

The cause of death is not yet determined.


Doug had anchored the news for 16 years until 2006 when he suffered a stroke on air. There was controversy because Doug was moved from the anchor desk after. He sued for discrimination and settled in 2013.

According to the Portland Press Herald

“In 2007, General Manager Terry Cole and News Director Robert Atkinson told Mr. Rafferty that the station was removing him from ‘the chair.’ In other words, the station was removing Mr. Rafferty from his anchor position,” said the seven-page complaint in the lawsuit. “When Mr. Rafferty was replaced as anchor, he was 55 years old. His replacement was in his early 40s.”


He was a part of our night and will be missed. He was 66 years old.

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