Last week when we were wrapping up our live broadcast at Oxford Casino Hotel & Events Center, I was loading up the Q van when I noticed a cute little caterpillar inching its way across the automatic door jam. "Little guy," I thought, "that's an unwise place for you to be!" He was a tiny white fuzzy thing with a black stripe down his spine and soft, pokey tufts sticking out all over his body.

I tried to guide him out of the way with my foot because I was taught as a kid to be wary of cute fuzzy caterpillars. Not all of them are harmful, and none of them will chase after you, but best leave them alone just in case.

Fearless Lori over here marches in to save the day and picks up the little guy with no hesitation. Despite my repeated protests, she guided the fuzzy deathpillar onto her unprotected hand and carried it outside.

Afterwards, I came across an article from Bangor Daily News warning Mainers to avoid these fuzzy critters despite their tantalizing appearance. The caterpillars are called Hickory Tussock caterpillars and from into the Hickory Tussock moth, and are being observed in higher numbers throughout the state this year, especially up north. They're adorable but will cause horribly itchy rashes in some people who come in contact with them.

Somehow, Lori didn't break out in hives after manhandling the caterpillar, but she very well could have! Learn from her potential mistakes and stay away from these fuzzy little monsters!

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