I know that hearing about giant, venomous, flying spiders that can take flight and land in New England might creep a lot of people out. But you were curious enough to learn more about this crazy news. Don't panic. Take my hand, and I'll walk you through this little nightmare.

According to CBS News, Joro spiders are venomous spiders with four-inch-long legs. They can parachute through the air, and have yellow and gray bodies. But back to the nightmarish parachuting they use to float in the air to travel.

Joro spiders, like most spiders, have silk to make their webs. However, they can also release that silk into the air, where even a light breeze can carry them over distances.

FNRClemson via YouTube
FNRClemson via YouTube

They are found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, and in 2014, they arrived in North America. They've been found more recently in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

Scientists are now saying that this species of spider will be able to inhabit most of the eastern United States, and will be easy to spot. They may look scary, but they won't bother you if you don't bother them.

This video from FNRClemson's YouTube channel explains more about the Joro spider, and makes them seem a lot less scary than they look.

So don't panic. We're going to be okay. Sure, the Joro spider is creepy, scary, and everything else that spider haters hate, but we'll all be okay.

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