Lost and found stories are always awesome; you never know what people are going to lose and then retrieve in the strangest place. 12-year-old girl Wiscasset lost her grandmother's heirloom ring that she gave to her after her grandfather passed away, she was devastated. Madison Cooper lost her ring while she was planting garlic at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset last fall.

"It was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband back in 2012. She really wanted the ring because she and papa were really close, so I gave it to her," Madison's grandmother Leanita Perry told News Center Maine

All winter, it' laid buried in the ground until the harvest came, and Hannah Marshall pulled up one of the garlic plants during harvest last week she found the heirloom ring wrapped around the stem of a piece of garlic.
"I thought it was trash or something, and I turned it around and saw the stones and realized it was a ring," Hannah went on to say, "I'm glad we could bring this piece of their family back."

Looking at the ring, you can definitely see how it might have fallen off of madison's fingers as it's not exactly round, and 12-year-old hands are not the largest. Hopefully, they'll get the ring sized properly, or maybe she'll wear it around a chain, so she never loses this new family heirloom ever again. Definitely a happy ending to this story whereas many people lose things like this and they just don't get them back, what's the craziest thing you've lost and then found.

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