Well, not so much a bandit as an... elf? When I left the house for work this morning I noticed a printed-out paper heart taped to the outside of my apartment door.

Perplexed, I looked across the street. They, too, had a simple valentine affixed to their door.

As I made my way to work, I paid more attention than I ever have to the doors and windows I passed. Nearly every one, including shops, laundromats, bars, and residences, were all subtly plastered with the same mysterious hearts.

By the time I got to 1 City Center, I was captivated by these hearts. They had paved my way to work, but how dedicated was this anonymous sweetheart? They had to have acted overnight, as my heart wasn't there when I got home around 9:30pm and was already up when I left at 4:45am.

I ventured around the block before going inside just to check. The hearts continued!!

Lou, Townsquare Media
Lou, Townsquare Media

For some printed hearts and Scotch tape, these Valentines have piqued my curiosity like nothing else! Lori and Jeff filled me in that this has been going on for DECADES, NO ONE knows the identity of the bandit (or bandits) and there's also a GIANT HEART SOMEWHERE?! I. am. thrilled. Valentine's Day has climbed the ranks of holidays in my mind and I can't wait to get out of work and search for the big one!