This is the first year without the Valentine's Day bandit, but his legacy lives on!

This Valentine's Day will be the first without the bandit. We only learned of his secret identity after Kevin Fahrman died suddenly last April at 67. According to Mainebiz, he was a graphic artist and sailor who loved community causes and was the Valentine's Day bandit. - CTW Director - CTW Director

But because Kevin's gestures of leaving hearts all over the city of Portland touched so many lives, people and businesses are carrying on the tradition. You can be a part of it. His family is encouraging everyone to 'Be a Kevin'. You can download the heart design used by Fahrman.

Steven Bridges
Steven Bridges

At Be a Kevin, the message is simple,

People all over the world: we’ve heard your messages of love and support for The Bandit’s work, loud and clear. Especially your interest in selflessly spreading love in your own communities. Let’s keep it simple. Please find the official artwork for Kevin’s Heart, just below. Make a difference. Be a Kevin.

Will you be a Kevin this year? Here is how you can download the heart design.

I have a feeling that this year, you will see more hearts than ever before. As Kevin's daughter, Sierra Fahrman, told Mainebiz,

There’s always been a large community that did the ‘banditing,’ it wasn’t just my dad doing it. It’s such a part of Portland, that no matter what, I think someone will always be incentivized to carry it on.

I agree, Sierra.

The Bandit's Trail

This cool map is a limited edition you can buy, with part of the proceeds going to area nonprofits. It shows landmarks around Portland that the bandit has 'hearted' in the past. There will also be one auctioned off at Rising Tide Brewing Company to raise money for charities that were close to Kevin, including SailMaine and Friends of Fort Gorges. Get details here. It's happening on Valentine's Day.

Amazingly, this man inspired so many people with a simple, mysterious gesture. I can't wait to see how we honor him and his legacy.

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