If you’re from the Cumberland area here in Maine, you’ve heard the sad news about Louie’s Grille closing on Main Street.

Louie’s has been a place for locals to gather for a casual lunch and nice dinner in the heart of town for almost 10 years; a place where you walk in and know you’re going to recognize at least one face in there.

As someone who grew up in Cumberland and went to Greely High School, I always recognized old classmates working there, teachers dining, and friends of friends out for lunch, so the news of the restaurant having closed on April 14 saddened the community.

Fortunately, with sad news comes good news and even though Louie’s has closed, a new restaurant is already planning on moving in.

New Restaurant Coming to Cumberland, Maine

It feels like every day I am telling you all about new restaurants popping up around town but what’s exciting is when new places open on the outskirts of Portland, allowing locals in smaller towns to get new exciting places.

Louie’s is in the perfect location, right in the busy center of Cumberland, so whatever goes in there will do great.

Portland Food Map recently posted about the change, sharing that three new owners are taking over the grille and replacing it with a new restaurant.

Just like Louie’s, the new spot will be a family-friendly place to gather, grab a drink, watch a game, and either dine in or take out some really good food.

As the Instagram post shares, it will offer pizza and pub fare, which is always a people-pleaser.

The restaurant does not have a name yet but keep your eyes out for updates on the new spot.

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