The developer of these new apartments had to have a lot of faith in what he was about to attempt.

According to Maine Biz, Oleg Opalnyk, the developer of the Synagogue Apartments in Auburn, said it was "a leap of faith" turning a 1930s synagogue into luxury apartments.

When they say luxury, they mean it with rents starting at $2,000.

- City of Auburn Facebook
- City of Auburn Facebook

He told Maine Biz that he loved the building and worked over four years making it into the apartments they are today. He noted that he wanted to create something he would want to live in and wanted to make them nice. Very nice.

There are 10 apartments, according to MaineBiz, and two will be used as AirBnB rentals. The article reports there are seven still available if you're up for one.

This building is fancy, as the listing of the apartments on highlights features like European-styled tiled bathrooms, custom staircases, stainless steel appliances, and even (in some units) barn doors.

How cool is that? Feeling fancy yet?

Oh, and the apartment listing mentions designated parking spots, and get this, a monthly cleaning service.

Most are one-bedroom apartments with one two-bedroom. They are sleek modern and pretty cool, right?

For anyone looking for luxury, they may just have to put Auburn on their list if they didn't before.

You can take a deeper look at the apartments over at You'll notice that the plans range from 475 square feet to 1,028 square feet

You go Auburn!

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