Craving a cool adventure without wasting a day driving or flying?

Well, if you're local or close to the Maine area and will get excited hearing the words corgis, magical fairy houses, and goats, then I just found your next trip.

I'm already thinking about snuggling some corgis.

BlissWood Forest hidden in Penobscot

Just one hour south of one of the most popular parks in the world, Acadia National Park, is a little town called Penobscot where you'll find this hidden trail called BlissWood Forest.

I know it doesn't sound real to be greeted in the parking lot when you arrive somewhere by adorable wiggle-butt corgis and goats, but it's true here.

And it's all thanks to this Airbnb experience named simply Forest Fairies with Corgis and Goats. You know what you get with that title!

What is the BlissWood Forest Adventure?

Overall, it's a half-mile hike that should be called a journey filled with unique surprises along the way. The "hike" is through fields of land personally owned by the hosts of the Airbnb experience, Jennifer & Katie, where their pack of corgis and goats will be romping around you.

To answer the question everybody is thinking right now, yes, cocktails are actually offered upon arrival that you can bring with you as the animals guide you.

Here's where the fairies come in. The loose corgis will be hunting down pixie dust on the trail to lead you to hidden treasure chests and secret passageways.

This reminds me of Mackworth Island in Freeport where you can hike the island until you reach the fairy community & build a little fairy house.

Sidenote: Children under 2 years old can join this Airbnb adventure for FREE.

So if you're a fan of cute dogs and magical walks, this might be right up your alley.

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