Northeast Earthquake

Earthquakes don't happen all that much in the Northeast, especially in New England. Obviously, back in April 2024, the rarity occurred when during the late morning on Friday, April 5, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake centered in New Jersey, according to NBC Boston, was felt between Virginia and the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line.

Following that, just hours later, a 4.0 magnitude aftershock was felt.

And while no one debated anything involving the validity of that April 2024 earthquake, just a few years earlier when one was felt in parts of Maine, the conspiracy theorists took the ball and ran. Far.

Like, very insanely far.

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash / Petrovich9
Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash / Petrovich9

Maine Earthquake

According to NECN, back on December 9, 2020, two different earthquakes hit Maine, the first was a 2.4 magnitude and the second was a 3.0 magnitude around the Maine/New Brunswick, Canada, border.

On the very same day, according to USA Today, a plane crash involving one pilot and an F-16 fighter jet occurred in Michigan. So, what does that have to do with Maine and the earthquake near the border?

Maine Conspiracy Theory

According to Task & Purpose, somehow, a conspiracy theory started that the earthquake story was actually a cover-up story, and what actually happened was the bombing of 50,000 Chinese soldiers, who shot down the earlier mentioned F-16 fighter jet during their invasion of the United States, which was occurring through Maine.

The conspiracy theory rumors were squashed pretty quickly by the Maine National Guard when Task & Purpose reached out for comment.

The Maine National Guard has no knowledge of any such troop movement or military action, and would undoubtedly have been made aware through military or emergency management channels if such a significant event were to occur in the state of Maine.

2020 was a wild time, huh?

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