Summer is sneaking its way here in Maine and if there’s one thing locals and tourists go crazy for it’s eating Maine lobster in warm weather.

Lobster is the first thing tourists try when they get to our state and it’s the meal locals drool over even if they’ve been eating it their whole lives.

I grew up here in Maine and never liked lobster; As an adult now, I’ll eat a lobster roll if it’s offered to me and I’ll eat lobster mac ‘n’ cheese because I’ll eat anything covered in cheese, but I don’t actually like the taste of it.

I try it every single year because as a Mainer, I feel pressured into liking the sea crustacean. But do people really, truly love the taste of lobster?

Viral Tik Tok Conspiracy Says People Don’t Actually Like the Taste of Lobster

A viral Tik Tok created by journalist Jason Pargin shares a self-described ‘conspiracy theory’ that people don’t actually enjoy lobster.

The video has nearly six million views on Twitter, so it’s clearly caught the attention and a lot of people don’t disagree.

Pargin’s psychology take is this:

“I don’t think anyone actually enjoys eating lobster, I think they’ve just been convinced that it’s a high-class food for a really specific reason.”

This theory is based on the history of lobster and how it was originally used as trash food for poor people, was used as fertilizer, and fed to prisoners because it was really plentiful at the time. The sea insect became harder to obtain, the cost skyrocketed, and now it’s considered a rare specialty and extremely expensive to eat in any form.

At some fancy restaurants, a tiny lobster roll is $50!

Do people actually like the taste that much or has the human brain been convinced to like it because you can prove your status to others when you can afford it?

Pargin also raises an incredible point: ANYTHING tastes good when it’s dumped in enough butter.

I love this discussion because human beings in the United States feel a need to prove to others their worth, show off what they can afford, and can be convinced to like something just because it’s expensive.

It’s just like ugly Yeezy sneakers or ugly designer clothes. A lot of the stuff people drive, wear, and buy isn’t actually attractive, it's all just expensive and we have something to prove.

Is this the case with lobster?

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