Lobster rolls

Best Lobster Roll in L/A
Every summer, people flood the coast of Maine to enjoy one of Vacationland's signature items, the lobster roll. But while tourists want their lobster with that picturesque seacoast view, some native Mainers just want to enjoy a delicious lobster roll without the long drive or the long lines...
Lori Visits Red's Eats
Allan "Red" Gagnon opened Red's Eats in 1938, in Boothbay, Maine. It moved to where it is now at the intersection of Water Street and Main Street in Wiscasset in 1954. I have lived in Maine for almost 30 years - and I JUST went this weekend!
What's Your No. 1 Choice?
Are you a big seafood fan? I could live on it, especially lobster and crab rolls. Where is your favorite place (comment below)? Here are a few places I love to get seafood and one might surprise you.