The Q Morning Show set out on our second adventure of QMS Eats Maine, this time heading farther north to hit up the hugely popular roadside shack known as Red's Eats.

We had roughly brainstormed what we wanted to try, but when we arrived we were met at the back door by owner Debbie (known widely as Bub), who sat us down at a table on the deck and said she'd take care of us. Beyond impressed with her warm welcome and clueless as to what our future held, we took in the view from Red's picturesque view and settled in for the brunch of our lives.

When the food arrived, we couldn't believe our eyes. Lobster rolls, fried scallops, onion rings, fresh grilled haddock... oh my!


Bub told us she was going to ruin us for any other fried scallops, and boy was she right. These whoppers were giant and juicy, and when sprinkled with a pinch of salt and drizzled with lemon, I can't imagine anywhere else measuring up.


I gotta admit, the handful of times I've driven past Red's on my way to visit family in Boothbay, I'd laugh at all the tourists waiting patiently in the mile-long line for a lobster roll. How could a lobster roll be worth 45 minutes to an hour of standing in the sun along a road? Well, yesterday I found out. See those full tails? There's more lobster in one of these rolls that I've ever been able to get out of a full lobster myself. We had to eat our way into it with a fork before even picking it up. The buns were also buttered and toasted just so, making it the ultimate lobster roll experience.


We managed to gobble everything up...


And we felt it for the rest of the day. But how could you not clear a table full of delicious Red's Eats?! Somehow, Lori managed to drive us safely back to Portland without falling asleep at the wheel and we were fat and happy the rest of the day.

Needless to say, we'll need a bit of a break before hitting up Roy's All-Steak Burgers in Auburn, which is slated to be our next QMS Eats Maine location.

A HUGE thank you to owner Bub, expert head cook Shannon, and daughter Anna for treating us like royalty and giving us the most scrumptious Maine-centric meal anyone could ask for.

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