Whether you've grown up and spent your entire life in Maine, or transplanted here because Vacationland is just right for you, there are definitely some acquired tastes that this state has to offer. Here are 8 foods that every single Mainer knows, and most of us really, really like.


The Italian Sandwich

This really is a summertime sandwich, Perfect for devouring at the beach or in the backyard. Here in Maine, we eat it in all 12 months because it's just that good. People from away still can't wrap their head around what is "Italian" about our "Italian sandwich" but we're still not worried about it.


Baked Beans with Brown Bread

Boston gets all the credit as "bean town" but here in Maine, we certainly do love them. Small bakeries and corner stores have had bean specials for decades. Churches and community centers still hold bean suppers to draw people in and the B&M factory is still churning out goodness in Portland.That includes brown bread from a can. Dip it in that bean sauce and take a bite, that's truly a taste of Maine!



Moxie is undoubtedly the most acquired taste on this list, and for some native Mainers, just a sip is probably enough. But there are others that can't get enough of the stuff, which is why there is still a Moxie-fest in Maine every year.


Whoopie Pies

Believe it or not, whoopie pies are actually growing in popularity nationwide. That's great news for the companies in Maine that are cranking them out but bad news for those that hoped our little dessert sandwich would remain a sweet little secret. Labadie's Bakery in Lewiston believes they created the whoopie pie, and we're not about to argue with them!


Boiled Dinner

Sundays in the cooler months wouldn't be complete in Maine without a nice boiled dinner. There's plenty of variations, but it's typically a one pot meal with brisket, corned beef or ham, some cabbage, carrots and potatoes. We have to stop writing now because our mouth is watering.


Red Hot Dogs

The snappers have been a Maine tradition for barbecues since barbecues were a thing. Also if you're those baked beans we mentioned above, you're probably going to want to cook a couple of snappers with them. This is another favorite that perplexes people from away, but here in Vacationland, we just can't get enough of them.


Blueberry Pie

There's not many more things more Maine than blueberries, and as it turns out blueberries are perfect as a pie filling. If you've never had a piece of freshly baked blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream, you're missing out on one of the finest things in life. Make this a summer goal.


Lobster Rolls

This is the main event for visiting Maine, right? It would actually be easy for people in Maine to get snobbish when it comes to lobster rolls, but we're all smart enough to realize that they're really tasty. The part we keep to ourselves though is those little mom and pop shops that make the best lobster rolls and sell them for dirt cheap. It's the little things.


There's our list. We probably forget a few things that are absolutely and totally Maine, and we welcome you to add to it on our Facebook page. Now what's for supper?

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