The economic impact of COVID-19 has been like nothing we've ever seen. Non-essential businesses are at a standstill. Many essential businesses are gutting their workforce to stay afloat or making big changes to meet the level that they are permitted to serve their communities.

This has made for an unprecedented amount of people filing for unemployment.

This surplus has overwhelmed the Maine Department of Labor and beginning on Monday they will be implementing a new system to, hopefully, make the process easier and more efficient for the people of Maine.

The Department of Labor will be allocating days of the week to serve residents alphabetically by last name.

Monday they will be taking calls from people to file for unemployment or who have already filed and have questions from those with last names beginning with A through H. Tuesday will be I through Q, and R through Z will be on Wednesday.

If you end up missing your day, no worries, that's what Thursday and Friday will be for.

They are also increasing the number of people who can take these calls to 100 people or more.

Read their full statement on Facebook below:

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