It's crazy how things can be interpreted so differently between people. I suppose that's basically how the game "Telephone" actually became a game that was played back in the day amongst school kids.

The irony, though, is that even though "Telephone" is seen as a kids' game, when you really think about it, we never stop playing even as adults. How many times have you misheard, misconstrued, or misunderstood something?

Because that's what happened to me over the weekend with a commercial that I now know is completely innocent, but when I was at a bar in Maine over the weekend, definitely came off as riddled with innuendo.

Thumbtack via YouTube
Thumbtack via YouTube

In my defense, I saw the 30-second commercial about midway through, and it just so happened to be focused on a picture of some broken window shades with a thumb blurred out in the foreground.

And it wasn't just a regular thumb positioned like it was giving someone a thumbs up -- the whole purpose of the commercial was that it was a talking thumb, which included a slit "carved" in it that served as a mouth.

The only problem was, with absolutely zero context to the commercial and first seeing it halfway through, it didn't look like a thumb. It looked like something completely different. Less like a thumb, and more like something you'd find on a website that would destroy your computer with viruses right after.

Thumbtack via YouTube
Thumbtack via YouTube

Also in my defense, there was no sound coming out of the TV -- which was one of many mounted on the wall along the bar that showed the multiple sports games happening on Saturday -- college softball, horse racing, pro golf, etc.

The only sound was the people at the bar talking to each other and the music playing out of the TouchTunes. Definitely not sound from some commercial about a talking thumb that looked completely different.


It turns out, though, after I was back home and saw the commercial play again, that it was a simple commercial about fixing broken blinds for Thumbtack, which is basically a business that is all about home improvement and hiring professionals in the trades to care for your home.

A little bit different than the innuendo commercial I originally thought it was. But hey, nobody's perfect, right? (Insert face palm emoji here.)

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