This winter has been rough in more ways than one. Snowstorms aside, The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there’s “widespread” flu activity in all 16 counties. Maine reported 1,187 cases of people who have tested positive for flu and 21 flu-related deaths through Jan. 13, according to necn.

In response to the outbreak, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland have decided to alter some traditions to keep parishioners healthy, reports seacoastonline.

The diocese announced the suspension of sharing consecrated wine during communion and called for priests to place wafers in parishioners' hands as opposed to their tongues.  In addition, parishioners are discouraged from greeting each other by shaking hands and from holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer, according to seacoastonline.

Seems to me like this takes away most of the appeal of going to church, especially the wine part -- can't they just hand out dixie cups or straws? Regardless of their solutions, it's probably for the best that everyone's looking out for each other. Stay healthy, everyone!

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