If you've spent the last year hidden away in your small corner of Maine, chances are you've used that time as a study in self-reflection. Perhaps you've realized you need to drop a few pounds. Perhaps you've noticed that you have terrible sleep habits and don't get enough deep sleep. Maybe you've become more aware that after a night with a bottle of wine, those hangovers are a lot worse than they used to be. If your self-reflection has awoken any of those discoveries inside you, there's a new IV spa in Portland that can probably help.

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It's called the Recovery Room presented by Elle Medical Aesthetics. Inside the Recovery Room, trained professionals will administer IV bags that will cater to whatever symptoms ail you. Perhaps you'll need a vitamin IV to pack your body with the vitamins and nutrients that you may be lacking. It's also possible you'll need a hydration IV, to help fight off a migraine, flu symptoms or even a really nasty hangover. And if you have a special circumstance? Well the trained professionals on-site work as IV mixologists, and may be able to come up a remedy to help.

IV therapy has become popular in many other cities across the country but for downtown Portland, this will be a first. The Recovery Room is located at 48 Free Street. Their website is filled with answers to some of the questions you may have as well a detailed menu of their specialized offerings and an opportunity to book an appointment.

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Hangovers in Portland may never been the same again.

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