The arctic winds and below-freezing temperatures are headed our way and some of us aren't as lucky as others.

Here in Maine, we have to brave the cold winter months, and for some Mainers that just means making sure our windows are closed and we throw another log on the fire. But for others, that means they need to find shelter quickly.

It's sad to think that our brothers and sisters are out on the streets, and while we're thinking about getting to the grocery store to stock up for the next storm, they're thinking about how cold it's going to be and how to find a roof.

Because of this, the city and state are providing warming centers. This is for those of us who do not have a place to keep warm.


Thankfully, has a very easy and accessible list of open warming centers you can access by clicking here.

According to the Maine Emergency Management Agency, warming centers are temporary places open for emergencies. When the wind chill and frigid temperatures get so bad, this is when these spots pop up for our community members.

Their paramount purpose is the prevention of death and injury related to exposure to the elements.

This is serious and does not always have to do with the homeless. It could be anyone who is stranded or without a home and critical services or support.

The list of warming centers at will fluctuate depending on the weather severity, so be sure to check it as it could have different places open each time.

The weather for this Saturday, February 25, gets chilling, to say the least. So far showing 17 degrees with a wind chill of -3, according to News Center Maine.

Stay warm out there.

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