Maine Celebrity Visits

New England in general tends to be a hot spot location for a lot of celebrities throughout the year, but especially the Northern New England areas of Maine and New Hampshire.

Whether they want to hit the slopes during the winter months, take in the gorgeous foliage that can't be topped during the fall, or chow down on the best seafood in the country during the spring and summer months, there's a laundry list of reasons for celebrities to visit the area.

Not to mention some celebrities like Martha Stewart and John Travolta, either currently or at one point purchased and owned property in the area (Martha still has a home in Maine, and we all know about John's Maine mansion.)

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Maine Comic and Toy Con

Since August 2023 -- off the heels of a successful Maine Comic and Toy Con -- little by little, we've been finding out more and more about the planned Con for this year.

Much like the 2023 edition, this year's Maine Comic and Toy Con will be held in Portland, Maine, at the Cross Insurance Arena, for three days of geeking out nerdiness on April 19-21.

The crew at Maine Comic and Toy Con have been both teasing us, then eventually revealing, some of the celebrities they have booked for this year's Con, revealing their first two massive guests back in November 2023, who have both been involved with iconic television shows from back in the day, including a popular show celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Following that first announcement on their Facebook page, they've had themed announcements for wrestling fans, anime fans, and more. And although more celebrities are booked and more will be revealed between now and the Con in April...

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