Mainers love eating out, and since indoor seating is limited we are eating outside and it's cold!


The Bangor Daily News did a story about the people saving our cold tushes. Jocelyn Olsen and Colin Greig are behind (get it?) the company Hüga. They just put their new battery-powered heated seat cushion on the market. They are hoping it helps restaurants who are trying their best to keep us warm while we eat outside.

Huga Facebook
Huga Facebook

Take it from someone who had buttcicle after a night out at a restaurant. I can't wait to try this! Three of Strong, a Bayside distillery, just ordered some and customers love them! Sure helps with metal bar stools. They aren't cheap at $125 each, but those big heat lamps are a whole lot more. Some run around $700 each and they run through about 3-4 tanks of propane a week! That is costly, especially if you aren't right next to them. It reminds me of leaving the door open and mom would scream, 'Are we heating the outside?' That's exactly what those overworked heaters are trying to do!

These little squares of warm heaven have rechargable batteries that last around 8 hours at 120 degrees. They are perfect for restaurants - but they are getting orders from around the country for lots of uses. They've even added webbing so it can be used as a backpack. According to one of the owners, 'The hockey moms are crazy about it.'

Owners, Jocelyn Olsen and Colin Greig have a good sense of humor about their seat cushions. Afterall, their whole business is based on making your butt warm. So Jocelyn calls herself the 'cheek executive officer' and Colin is the President of 'back end operations'.

Here's to their huge, if ands or butts about it.



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