Sometimes it IS what you meant to say, and sometimes it ISN'T what you meant to say. Both ways can turn out pretty funny!

Sara Jane, a teacher in Maine, said on her Facebook page:

I just said orgasm, instead of front of 30 13-year-olds.


Brett Williams (a friend and ex-co-worker) overheard a conversation at a friends house between siblings:

Kid: I hate you Lily

Parent: We don't say that. Say sorry to Lily

Kid: I'm sorry that I hate you, Lily




Even in my own household I was taken aback when one of the 8-year-old boys said,

C**k races

Good news. He did NOT say that. He said car races, but for some reason it really sounded like the above.

Instead of talking about the new immigration rules, tell me what your kid or even YOU have said that didn't quite turn out exactly like you planned.


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