Maine has several correctional facilities across the state, including the Maine State Prison in Warren. They are staffed with correctional officers who have a very difficult and stress-involved job.

My brother has worked at the Maine State Prison as a correctional officer for over 30 years, and it's not an easy job physically or mentally. It can take a toll on a person, so I have the utmost respect and admiration for the almost 1000 correctional officers who work tirelessly in Maine's correctional facilities.

Maine State Prison via
Maine State Prison via

A recent survey from Court Room Proven looked into the ratio of inmates to correctional officers in every state in the US. The more correctional officers you have, the easier it makes the job of a correctional officer, especially with what they have to go through.

According to the survey, Maine ranked fifth with 1,675 inmates and 990 correctional officers, giving the state a ratio of 1.69 inmates for every guard. Only Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico had a better prisoner-to-guard ratio.

It's good to know that the Maine Department of Corrections is getting the proper funding from the state to make sure that these hardworking people don't get worn too thin. I've personally seen what it can do to someone in that job. Since the day my brother decided to become a correctional officer, I have been proud of him for sticking with it for all these years. It can't be easy.

A big thanks to all our correctional officers in Maine for the work you do.

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