Six months ago Androscoggin County Jail rolled out a new program that gave tablets to their inmates.

Now, according to The Ellsworth American, Hancock County Jail is following suit.

The new program is set to begin this spring and will be an extension of Securus Technology who already operates the video visitation program.

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This is a two-fold move. First, to allow inmates to feel more engaged and stimulated. They will have access to music, movies, and games, as well as the ability to send and receive e-mails for a small fee, according to the news story. The tablets also save on paper waste. The jail will move to digital copies of various forms and handbooks that the inmates use.

Androscoggin County Maj. Jeff Schute addressed some concerns saying that the tablets are small and see-through and aren't any more dangerous than a food tray. However, if a tablet does get damaged, Securus will replace it at no cost.

Jail Administrator, Timothy Richardson did say in the article that he expects all jails within the state to join the same program through Securus.

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