Imagine the worst happens. A shooting inside a building where weapons are prohibited. Now imagine that property owner being sued after the shooting because of their choice to ban weapons. It could be possible in Maine.

There's a bill proposed in Augusta that would allow property owners to be sued if an incident happens on their property that could have been prevented if they did not choose to ban weapons. The bill is sponsored by a handful of Republican representatives. The section of the bill on liability explains how things would play out if a shooting with injuries were to occur.

Liabilty Firearms Bill

The law would still allow property owners to prohibit guns but risk being sued if an incident should happen. The bill has yet to go to committee but it already has people talking. So what do you think? Should property owners who prohibit firearms be held responsible if someone is injured on their property who could have been carrying a firearm to defend themselves? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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