The University of Maine

The University of Maine located in Orono has been around for more than 150 years. According to UMaine, they have students from all 50 states and 81 countries. They offer more than 100 degree programs and are ranked among the top public universities for research by the National Science Foundation.

They also rank among the top party schools.

Party Wicked Hard

In years past UMaine has made national lists for being one of the top party schools in the country. While it's not in the Top 25 nationally this year, UMaine is still the #1 party school in the state according to the website Niche.

This isn't completely surprising considering the massive celebrations after a Black Bears win, not to mention Orono isn't exactly flushed with things to do.

One event, in particular, is known for getting the college kids out and getting crazy.

Jake Doolittle via YouTube
Jake Doolittle via YouTube

Maine Day

According to UMaine, Maine Day began in 1935 as an initiative to do some spring cleaning around campus. Uniting the community to give back to the school in a simple and wonderful way as soon as the weather starts warming up and the semester winds down.

It has evolved over the years and grown into a giant celebration with food and fun. This year the event took place on April 27th. There was a parade, the traditional service projects, a Spring Fair with fun, games, snacks, and fundraisers, a BBQ, and then things wrap up with the Black Bear Bash complete with games, inflatables, food trucks, and more.

And then, not sanctioned by the school. Lots and lots of partying.


Youtuber Jack Doolittle decided to do his own investigative journalism and crash the unofficial Maine Day festivities.

So what happened? Some highlights are a kid thinking Jake's mic is a Juul, swoveralls, a girl getting hit with a football and getting a bloody nose (she's ok), the girl dressed as Pitbull, and all the people posing for a photo when it's actually a video. See the full video below. Heads up, NSFW language:

If that wasn't enough Maine Day shenanigans these videos have been making the rounds on Instagram:

Ah, youth.

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