Maine - The Way Life Should Be

The signs you see posted on highways, turnpikes, and major thruways in Maine include calling the state "Vacationland," greeting drivers with a "Welcome Home," and educating them that here, it's "The Way Life Should Be." Maine is a place you know. Maine is a place you treasure. Maine may be the very highlight of New England (no disrespect to the other states -- every state brings some individual flavor).

That's what makes the blatant disrespect this morning from some radio people in Chicago equal parts puzzling, maddening, and laughable.


"Is it by Canada?"

Here's how phenomenal Maine is -- the whole conversation started with the main host (by the way, the show and station won't get mentioned by name since they don't deserve free advertising off our state after talking so ignorantly about it) mentioning that Maine was actually sponsoring part of the show. And naturally, like ignorant people from away do, felt the need to ask where Maine is because they "weren't even really sure."

"I don't know, I think it's up by Washington or something? That's what I think of."


"Is it by Canada? Because like, Detroit is by Canada, so is it by Canada?"


"I don't think I could even point it out on a map."

First off, real professional way of plugging a sponsor, considering sponsors literally pay money to be mentioned during something. Secondly, even if this was just a comedic bit to be funny to make listeners laugh, the tone in their voice spewing all this ignorance just reeked of such blatant disrespect.

Some of the most delicious food comes from Maine

Little did they know they were probably eating Maine blueberries for breakfast while trashing us and making us sound like nonexistent hicks. Or craving summer seafood that undoubtedly came from here. Or better yet, probably topped their pancakes on Sunday during their Father's Day Brunch with real maple syrup from the state of...? MAINE.

In fact, let's go one step further. Since Chicago thinks they're such a bigger deal than us, let's put what calls the 5 Best Things to Do in Chicago against the 5 Best Things to Do in Maine and rank them in order.

The 5 Best Things to Do In Maine vs The 5 Best Things to Do in Chicago

All according to the list that came up with.

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