Downtown Portland looks like a ghost town with barely any cars on the street, most people working from home and trying to navigate the chaos of not having things accessible in the office.

On Old Orchard Beach, on the other hand, people were business as usual, almost similar to the spring break scenes in Florida, where people are partying it up.

Despite warnings from the CDC and government officials, it seemed really like another world that was not dealing with our current day-to-day conditions.

I, as a citizen of Cumberland County, would like you to please do your part.

If the government is telling you to social distance, do what they are asking, if schools and events are all canceled, its because this is a serious matter that should not be swept under the rug.

"Kwame, this is no big deal; it's just the flu!"

Yes, I know the concept may sound dumb, but you could be saving a life.

You might even say, "Kwame, this is no big deal; it's just the flu!" Maybe you are right, but I am no medical expert, but if the real experts are telling me something, I am going to do it.

If your d. told you to lose 30 lbs or be at risk of a heart attack, would you just sit there or get on the Peloton?

I welcome your thoughts....

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