You often hear about people being shot, but you rarely hear about it happening to domesticated animals.

Millie the dog was shot along with her brother, JD, according to WGME. Their neighbor was under the impression that the dogs would eat his chickens, according to the news station, and he allegedly then took a rifle and shot the dog and her brother.

The Police Department also says the neighbor in question who allegedly shot the canine actually videotaped the shooting, the news station reported:

"The cop said that he had filmed the whole thing because he was fairly proud of himself, actually," owner Billy Brown said.

The dog owner also said that there was no threat to the chickens whatsoever, and Millie, the dog, had to go under life and Paw-saving surgery, WGME reported.

Millie's veterinary surgeon Dr. Dunlap told WGME 13 about the details of the procedure.

"Millie sustained a gunshot wound to her radius, which is one of the bones in her forearm," Dunlap said. "It was right above her wrist joint, and she was missing a solid chunk of her radius."

Doctor Dunlap also pointed out the X-Ray where the bullet went and made a hole clear through Millie's bone, according to WGME. It's unanimously agreed that the dog is lucky she didn't lose her leg or have to have a prosthesis.

As for the shooter in question, he's facing animal cruelty charges, the news station reported.

Is there some type of neighborhood feud between the two homes because of the fact that the man allegedly videotaped him shooting another man's dog? Since when is something like this honorable, proud behavior? What would you do if you were in that situation?

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