You've spent all morning shoveling your driveway. You are cold, wet, and tired. And it's not even 7am yet. You go in to get dressed for work. You come back out to get into your car and...the city plow has PLOWED YOU IN. It's demoralizing! And completely unnecessary. Our friends at the Maine Department of Transportation have given us the trick to avoid the dreaded "Second Shovel."


  • As you're looking out of your driveway, make sure the LEFT side of your driveway is cleared out. That way when the plow comes around there's room for the plow's snow to go somewhere. If not, you'll get the plow's snow in that spot and thus your second shovel.


You can try out your new approach because it looks like we are going to get some more snow on Friday. The National Weather Service in Gray has the latest forecast. Happy shoveling!


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