Maine drivers have been ranked as some of the least aggressive or careless drivers in the US, according to research shared by LendingTree.

There's a lot of road rage created by aggressive drivers in more metropolitan areas than we have in Maine, so road rage is not much of an issue here in our state. You'd likely never see something like this road rage incident that occurred in Dallas, Texas, on March 1, 2024.

It's this kind of anger and frustration that can cause damage to vehicles, bodily harm to drivers and passengers, and even serious incidents causing death.

LendingTree auto insurance expert and licensed insurance agent Rob Bhatt recommends you shouldn't do anything to make road ragers more angry.

You never want to escalate a situation when someone is yelling, honking or gesturing at you, regardless of who is to blame for an unsafe action. In fact, avoid eye contact altogether. If the other driver escalates the situation, consider driving to a safe public location or even a nearby police station to take yourself out of harm’s way.

According to the data, there were 3,514 road rage incidents in 2022 caused by careless or reckless driving that resulted in deaths. Every state in the country had at least one death, except for Maine. Not a single death from careless and reckless driving in all of 2022.

Just another reason we're happy to be living in Maine.

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