The earthquake in Nepal hit over a week ago. Over 7,000 are confirmed dead, but thousands are missing - including Mainer Dawn Habash. Her family is doing everything they can to find her, and you can help.

Dawn Habash, a yoga instructor from Augusta, was in Nepal when the earthquake hit April 25. Her family has not heard from her since she left the week before. They believe she was near Nepal's Langtang Village. They are raising money to help bring her home.

Her daughter Yasmine left for Nepal Sunday. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. It is one thing to know that she didn't survive, it's another thing entirely NOT to know if she is alive, dead or hurt.

More than 7,000 have died, over 14,000 were injured and thousands are unaccounted for. Let's see if we can help Dawn's family find her!

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