Jerry Leeman has been fishing for 21 years and as he said, 'You don't see this every day, folks'.


Sunday down about 48 miles east of Nantucket, Captain Jerry Leeman saw off his boat, the Teresa Marie IV, a really big fin in the water. He told the Boston Globe that he had a 6-foot dorsal on him. He was fishing for haddock when the orca whale decided to tag along. Yes, the orca whale is more commonly known as a killer whale. His commentary on the viral video is perfectly Maine.

40-year-old Captain Jerry said that the orca was about 20 feet long, and swam near his almost 100-foot boat for half an hour 'putting on a show.' And no, it was not an escapee from SeaWorld.

He told the Boston Globe,

He came alongside the boat and was kind of just checking us out. It got alongside the boat about 15 feet and was kind of just easing along with us as we were towing. Then he just kind of went off on his own.


You are right if you are thinking that killer whales are uncommon. They are. In all of his 21 years fishing, Captain Jerry has only seen an orca six times, including the one he saw this week. In the video that he narrates, you can tell he's got that Mainer enthusiasm (and accent) as he yells,

There’s literally a frickin’ killer whale beside the boat. You don’t see this every day, folks.

You sure don't Captain!



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