The Maine Game Wardens don't mess around, certainly not when safety is the main concern here in Vacationland.

According to the Portland Press Herald and a press release from the Maine Warden Service this weekend, 8 people were arrested for boating while intoxicated, more than 100 summonses to court were issued for violations, and 328 warnings were made to boaters on ponds, lakes and rivers across the state.

The stepped up enforcement was part of a national campaign called Operation Dry Water, which began in 2009.

In all, as part of this safety and awareness campaign, more than 2,500 watercraft with 5,400 operators and passengers were stopped by police and inspected. The arrests and summons to court resulted from infractions uncovered during the stops.

The Maine Warden Service patrols all lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and wilds throughout the state.

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