A new dining experience in Southern Maine is opening soon, and bringing a lot of fanfare with it.

This new restaurant will be offering high-end sushi and Asian cuisine right in the heart of Kennebunk, in the famed Grand Hotel.

The name of the new restaurant is Rosella, and it's technically not totally new, because this will be a second location. The original location is in New York City, where Rosella has done nothing but achieve at the highest of levels. This includes accolades from many of the finest institutions including Michelin. It was even named one of Esquire's best new restaurants in 2021. The bottom line is that Rosella is coming in with a reputation that should fit right in with Maine's food culture.

According to Rosella, folks can expect the highest of quality and service when dining at the restaurant, all while making sure it's as sustainable as possible. Here is just a few of the steps the restaurant takes in ensuring that high level of sustainability.

Rosella puts sustainability at the forefront of every dish, ensuring that all fish and shellfish are locally caught with minimal environmental impact. Select fish species are sourced from eco-conscious farms to avoid unsuitable bycatch and methods, such as large-scale dredging that damages reefs and the sea floor.

Enjoying a five-star meal with a clean conscience is quite a draw these days, so it's wonderful to see Rosella's mission being in-line with that. Plus, I think they will do a good job in finding some fresh seafood around here. Just a hunch.

Rosella is being opened by the Kennebunkport Resort Collection, a group of inns and restaurants that can be found in and around the Kennebunk region. These include award-winning restaurants like Earth At Hidden Pond, Via Sophia By The Sea, and Ocean Restaurant. You can see the full list of resort and restaurants here.

Rosella will be open Thus through Monday from 5pm to 10pm. Reservations will be accepted through OpenTable. You can find out more information on the new restaurant's website.

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