Portland is easily a foodie town, and when it comes to finding good sushi, we're not exception. I have truly become obsessed with watching the Portland, Maine, Facebook interactions lately, because everybody has something to say, and the comments are wild. You can find an answer to anything if you just throw the question up on this page. Today's question asked where to find the best sushi in Portland. Here are some answers that locals provided.


I have to agree with Joshua on the "Hannaford" answer. This is wild for me to say, considering I have always against supermarket sushi. But recently, I've been going to the Hannaford for a quick sushi roll. They're $9 total, and are always fresh. I'll also give credit to Whole Foods. You'll find some fresh fish there too. Okay, back to more real sushi restaurant suggestions:

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I love the people who said "Yosaku". because that's my favorite place to grab some sushi in the city. However, the location on this one is important. The Yosaku by the Shipyard Brewery is elite. Get the fried veggies as an app, and thank me later.

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