It seems to happen every single year. Even though winter really only lasts from about Novemberish to mid-Marchish, which is literally only about four months, New England winters are so harsh that they seem to last most of the year.

This year was no different, with snowstorms through March and constant, chilly temps and nonstop rain at one point when we were supposed to be well into summer.

Thankfully, it seems like we're pretty fully out of the woods with that (outside of the occasional rainy day, but the freezing temps are definitely gone until the end of next fall) and can look ahead to the weather where we thrive the most.

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Golf season has hit Maine

It's finally time to finally start booking a tee time (or two...or twenty).

Whether you're planning on a quick round of 9 or going all out and battling with a full 18, we're truly blessed with a lot of places to try and hit 'em straight.

Maine has over 100 courses to choose from

According to a 2020 article published in GOLF Magazine, Maine has a total of 132 golf courses to choose from. As with any area in the country, some courses are much better than others, whether it's the ease or difficulty of the course, maintenance of the grounds, and just overall popularity.

We polled Mainers on their favorite golf courses to play a round at and why.

22 of the Best Golf Courses in Maine According to Maine Golfers

Looking for a place to sneak in a round of 18? Check out these Mainer-approved golf courses!

Picturesque Pars: 15 of The Most Scenic Golf Courses in New England

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