As schools across the country are looking for ways to continue learning this fall, whether it's in person or distance, the main thing that a lot of people look over is the arts.

Some schools are doing play rehearsals on zoom calls, learning their lines at home, and then actually doing the call to perform for their teacher.

However, in Scarborough, they're using a combination of zoom calls and a large tent outside of the school. They socially distance the routines for themselves, and they record it and send it to their teacher, according to WMTW Channel 8.

"As much as I want to do an actual show, I'm looking forward to trying something new, which is always a great opportunity which is what theater is really about," said Max Bennet, a student at Scarborough High School, per the news station.

Deb Doherty, the Oak Hill players director, eluded to the fact that virtual theater is not just something that is going to be on now, but it's going to be in all of our futures in some way or shape, according to WMTW.

Will parents have a chance to see junior on stage is Peter Pan or perhaps their youngest daughter trying on the glass slipper and Cinderella in person again?

I'm sure they will, but this is going to have to do for now, and the difference in delivery still requires the same amount of effort.

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