Sure we may be seeing the first Nor'Easter of the season this weekend but is it ever really out of season for ice cream?

The Parlor Ice Cream Co. is located in Biddeford. According to their Facebook page, they work side by side with local eateries and breweries for unique flavors made with local ingredients. In fact, they were voted one of Down East Magazine's Best of Maine.

Today they announced the release of their holiday flavors some new, and some returning favorites. This release hits all the holiday flavors one could want! Chocolate Mint, Eggnog, Gingersnap, Hot Coca, Jelly Donut, Milk & Cookies, and Sugar Cookie!

To get your hands on some they're available at various locations primarily throughout southern Maine, and parts of Massachusetts including Monte's Fine Foods, The Bier Cellar, and Luke's Lobster. Click here to get the full list of retailers.

So buck tradition and curl up next to the fire with some hot cream! Perhaps leave a scoop of Milk & Cookies ice cream for Santa!

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