Maine Ice Cream

Is there anything we don't do right in Maine? We crush that clam chowdah and lobstah roll life, we have the most beautiful coastal views and beaches, and we're fantastic when it comes to sweet treats like whoopie pies and needhams. But one thing we also excel at? Ice cream.

Sure, scoring a carton of Gifford's or Beal’s is always a win while you're binge watching your show or true crime doc of choice on whatever streaming platform you're on, but I think we'd all agree that no ice cream tastes as good as fresh ice cream from a stand.

Needless to say, with the various ice cream stands scattered throughout Vacationland, it's safe to say we crush the game on that as well. Especially when it comes to creativity.

Full disclosure, the above picture has been floating around for about five years, according to some internet sleuthing. But no matter how much we sleuthed, we couldn't figure out exactly which ice cream stand it came from. Which is a true shame because, quite honestly, wouldn't you want to dish out your hard-earned money to support a local business that brings such easy entertainment to its customers?

In a time where Dad Jokes are pretty much the highlight of most interactions (Danny Tanner was truly a man before his time), offering up this fourth, all-natural option of cone is truly the...ahem..."cherry on top" of ice cream offerings.

That said, do you, reader, recognize which ice cream shop in Maine this picture would've been taken in? Sure, there's a chance that perhaps it doesn't even originate in Maine, but doesn't this absolutely reek of Maine humor? Not to mention, this picture is making the rounds on the Maine Reddit forum as we speak.

If you do know which ice cream stand in Maine was clever enough to offer up a few scoops in the rare "pine cone," speak now so we can give this place its just desserts. Any local business that has that much fun and is that creative deserves their recognition and our business!

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Iconic Maine Ice Cream Shop For Sale

Just miles from Bangor is the small suburb of Bradley. This little town has an ice cream legend, Spencer's. It also just so happens that Spencer's is for sale.

Being sold by Renee Hudgens from Realty of Maine, this property includes a year-round ice cream operation, all the equipment, plus two one-bedroom apartments. The price tag is $1.35 million.

Are you ready to become an ice cream emperor? Well, Spencer's might be the shop for you.

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