Lots of claims fly around on Facebook, but there are two studies out this week that seem to conflict with each other.

This report from US News and World Report ranks Maine as the state with the lowest rate of violent crime per capita. Great news! We've seen reports like this before, and we all know that Maine is generally a really safe place to live.

But this report, published this week by Insurify, ranks the University of Maine in Orono as one of the most dangerous universities in the country. They used data from the FBI to track campuses across the country, and the number of violent crimes per 10,000 students.

Surprisingly, UMaine ranks in the top 10 of schools nationwide on that list.

Do you feel safe here in Maine? I went to the University of Maine, and while there were certainly incidents during the four years I was on campus, it didn't feel overly dangerous, and certainly not in the top 10 most dangerous schools in America.

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