Christopher Columbus is super Maine is thinking about NOT celebrating him.


Instead, Maine lawmakers are thinking about trading the Columbus Day holiday for a tribute to Native Americans.

According to WMTW, the Legislature's State and Local Government Committee is holding a hearing on the bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Benjamin Collings from  Portland. They want to rename the holiday to Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Maine isn't the first state with this idea, at least 5 others have dumped Columbus Day thanks to the treatment of Native Americans.

If you're thinking, 'Wait, I thought Maine already did this.'  Close - Bangor and Portland have...but this would be for al lof Maine!


I think people would be fine with this. After all, the more we really look at history - the more we learn. I know Columbus got lost and found America...but truly, what he did when he got here makes me want to change the name.


We still get the day off, right?

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