I believe there will be three types of people that read this.

The first group is those who read the headline and had to know what this craziness was even about.

The second group has heard this same rumor at their own local school and wants to know more.

And the third and final group insists it is happening.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about this is a rumor that has been circulating throughout schools and workplaces throughout Maine and beyond.

Some people identify not as humans, but as animals. Cats, dogs, etc. While some people wear cat ear headbands and even pinned on fluffy fox tails for fun, others do it because they feel like it validates their identity. These individuals are often referred to as furries, though not to be confused with furries who do dress as animals for fun, or for the bedroom

The rumor that has been circulating in Maine schools and workplaces is that to further recognize and validate animal identities, litter boxes have been added to bathrooms.

A few months back this rumor blew up my Facebook News Feed regarding the high school I graduated from. Multiple people said they heard that the bathrooms had litter boxes from multiple sources. The school denied this to be true.

This rumor is so common even the Bangor Daily News picked up on it.

So, have you heard this rumor? Why do you think these types of rumors spread so quickly? Chime in on our app!

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